I have discovered that I have a trend for becoming obsessed with bands that have a female lead vocalist. Is it that female fronted bands are just so much better than their male counterparts? Or do they just hold more appeal with me? I suppose the trend started with Amy Lee and Evanescence but in fact I think the young, tender roots of this obsession were germinated with Shirley Manson and Garbage. Evanescence were my first favourite, until I discovered No Doubt and Gwen Stefani. Then, out of nowhere the feisty flame-haired Hayley Williams appeared on the scene with Paramore. It was love at first listen and the others were gently nudged aside by Paramore’s brilliance. Then my second mistress stole my heart, the infectious and awe-inspiring Karen O and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Also in my harem of female fronted bands are the delightful Emily Haines and Metric. Though I have a large harem, Karen O and Hayley Williams are by far my favourites and hold very special places in my heart and ears.

  1. Pfangirl says:

    I adore women fronted rock bands, starting probably with Garbage and Blondie before discovering Do Doubt and Evanscence – then Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf and Paramore. I’m a fan of pretty much everyone you’ve mentioned there although I must confess I’ve never heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Metric.

    In terms of orchestral metal/rock, I have an especial soft spot these days for Within Temptation.

  2. Pfangirl says:

    Alas, no, despite hearing good things about both, I don’t watch either of those shows.

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