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Not too long ago I was introduced by a friend to a new way of categorizing people. No this isn’t about people’s dietary preferences but rather their personal preferences. Think outside the box and you will get it. Though the novelty of the terms are all very well I don’t think people should be defined by their preferences, we’re all human we just have different preferences.


Space Available

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Follow up on previous post. So the friendship debacle has been settled. It’s over and I’m moving on. I like to think that instead of leaving a hole this has made space available for new friends who will like me for me. I won’t waste my time if they’re not worth the effort.


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Without your friends who are you? If you lose a friend you lose a part of who you are. Friends define you, they flesh out your personality and bring out both the best and the worst in you. They make life more bearable. They’re always there for you. Unless you fuck up so bad and you lose them as friends. Then you’re left wondering how it all went wrong and hoping with all your heart that it can be fixed, that you can just be friends again and all your problems will disappear.