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After some semi-serious, ok not serious but they are structured, posts I decided it’s time for a more random post.

If you follow me on twitter you may or may not have noticed that if I use multiple exclamation marks it will always be three. There is a reason but trust me it’s not particularly interesting, unless you think it is.

I do feel kind of bad about using multiple exclamation marks due to reading Terry Pratchett novels:‘And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.’ — in Maskerade. Well at least I tend to only use three so it’s not so bad.

As I suspected this will be a rambling post. So moving on, the reason is *dramatic drum roll* because of a band called !!! (or Chk Chk Chk) which I fell in love with after playing GTA IV. A song of theirs is used on one of the radio stations; namely Radio Broker.

So I use three exclamation marks because of a band with a strange name. See I told yo it’s not some deep reason and who really cares but there it is.


See I did not lie about making a part 2. Since this has gone further than the original attempt I feel no need to include “Redux” in the title anymore which is reassuring. I will keep the format from the previous post and will be doing the next five in the list which may or may not have changed since I did Part 1.

So here goes:

20: Amanda Palmer – Another Year

Well this was unexpected. Didn’t know that this would shift up.

19: Air – Dark Messages

18: Air – Bathroom Girl

Looks like a bit of an Air fest is starting

17: Air – Alone in Kyoto

Yep definitely an Air spree.

16: Air – Surfing on a Rocket

The Air songs continue.

Well that was Part 2. I guess I’ll be doing Part 3 next Monday. Stay tuned for a further chance to judge me.

So I did one of these way back in 2011. This lonely Part 1 never had a Part 2 so I thought I would start afresh. This time instead of squeezing 12 songs into a single post I will draw it out and do 5 in a post. As with last I will try and find music videos as companions to the song titles. This time I better do more than one post. There is a chance that my top 25 might change before the next post. It will be interesting to see what changes may take place in the undefined period between this and the next post. Looking back I see that I started at No. 1 which makes absolutely no sense so I will start from 25 this time.

Anyway enough preamble and prepare to judge me.

25: Nicki Minaj – Beautiful Sinner


24: Nicki Minaj – Automatic


23: Nicki Minaj – Whip It

Um yeah yet another Nicki Minaj. Well I did invite you to judge me.


22: Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm

Ok I swear this is the last Nicki Minaj song in my top 25, I hope.


21: Amanda Palmer – Another Year

Yes finally some change.

That ends Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2. We swears on the Precious that we will do it.