My Top 25 Songs in iTunes: Part 2

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Music
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See I did not lie about making a part 2. Since this has gone further than the original attempt I feel no need to include “Redux” in the title anymore which is reassuring. I will keep the format from the previous post and will be doing the next five in the list which may or may not have changed since I did Part 1.

So here goes:

20: Amanda Palmer – Another Year

Well this was unexpected. Didn’t know that this would shift up.

19: Air – Dark Messages

18: Air – Bathroom Girl

Looks like a bit of an Air fest is starting

17: Air – Alone in Kyoto

Yep definitely an Air spree.

16: Air – Surfing on a Rocket

The Air songs continue.

Well that was Part 2. I guess I’ll be doing Part 3 next Monday. Stay tuned for a further chance to judge me.


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