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After some semi-serious, ok not serious but they are structured, posts I decided it’s time for a more random post.

If you follow me on twitter you may or may not have noticed that if I use multiple exclamation marks it will always be three. There is a reason but trust me it’s not particularly interesting, unless you think it is.

I do feel kind of bad about using multiple exclamation marks due to reading Terry Pratchett novels:‘And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.’ — in Maskerade. Well at least I tend to only use three so it’s not so bad.

As I suspected this will be a rambling post. So moving on, the reason is *dramatic drum roll* because of a band called !!! (or Chk Chk Chk) which I fell in love with after playing GTA IV. A song of theirs is used on one of the radio stations; namely Radio Broker.

So I use three exclamation marks because of a band with a strange name. See I told yo it’s not some deep reason and who really cares but there it is.


So after four years my bipolar disorder decides that it wants to reach over and grab the steering wheel again. You have to give it some credit, it bided its time for about eighteen months, letting trigger-events pile up so it could finally send me over the edge once more. All in all I think I coped with it pretty well. Good practice for the future because I know that this isn’t the first episode I’ve had and certainly won’t be the last despite being on medication.


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So I have been using a chat service for a number of years under an assumed name. People have grown to trust and even like me but little did they know that I was using a false name all the while. I want to point out that it was only my name I lied about but not that they could be certain of that. Now I’m trying to undo the damage I’ve caused through all this deceit and it’s going reasonably well, they tell me they’re cool with it. Others haven’t taken it so well, not that I blame them. What I want is for them to just accept the logic behind my lies but it seems that for some this is too much to ask.

My Obsession

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If anyone has been paying close attention to my Twitter account they have picked up on the fact that I am crushing hard on someone at university. It took me a while to come to a conclusion but I think I know one of the main reasons for this overwhelming crush, apart from the fact that he is absolutely adorable. He looks like the result of Alex Pettyfer and Max Thieriot having an adorable baby together.


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I am addicted and not even to drugs. You know you have a serious addiction when you blow half your cap in just three days. This not taking into account that the cap is pathetic.


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Coming out of the weekend I can’t help but wonder what the hell happened. The results of last night include as follows: a cigar,, two lighters more than I started the night with, a polystyrene cup with Yeah Yeah Yeahs lyrics, a copy of an alternative magazine and a tribal pseudo-tattoo in black and silver bodypaint on my neck. On the negative side, because by way of comparison these random items are positive, we have a friendship currently hanging in limbo because of the events of friday night. These events are probably best left unsaid.