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Now that I’ve watched the movie I can’t help but feel a slight sense of disappointment. It should have been longer to contain the entire book. It did not portray the years that went by or the true effect of Abigail abandoning the family. The acting wasn’t the best either, when it came to Jack and Abigail. Where did Abigail and Len’s affair disappear to? The fact that Suzie was raped as well as murdered clearly was considered unsavoury but detracts from the key plot.


From the moment that the words of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold gently found their way into my ears, yes I cheated and listened to the audiobook instead of reading the book, I fell in love with Alice Sebold. Her enthralling tale of the murder and rape of Susie Salmon and the aftermath was simply divine. It is a pity that her second novel was not as brilliant at the first. Now I have to see the movie which ,due to all the hype I have been giving to it, I fear will not live up to my expectations.