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Strange to think that the last I blogged I was was less than two decades old. Yes this post did just take a bit of an “I’m getting older” tangent. I’m just to carry on being clichéd by saying that with age comes wisdom> I don’t really feel that I have gotten wiser over the years. Still make the same mistakes but what I do have is more life experience though I never really planned on that. Anyway I’m only really choosing to blog today because if I didn’t it would mean that I did not blog at all in September and we can’t have that now can we, not when I’m supposed to be resurrecting my blog or at least trying to.


So that was Christmas 2009? Today just flew past. Nothing much out of the ordinary happened and as per eighteen year tradition, for me, I ended the day with more possessions than I started the day off with. I think it was a good haul though, not what I was expecting at all, especially not from family I hadn’t seeen for I don’t know how many years. Now it’s Boxing Day, I think it is now known as Day of Goodwill in South Africa but who knows, and the purpose of Boxing Day is unknown to me. Then again I hardly know the story behind almost any of the Public Holidays that I take for granted. Now is the time to start making New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe one of my resolutions will be to start writing film reviews for this, my blog.